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Liposuction Beverly Hills

Dr. Applebaum has over 20 years of experience using liposuction techniques to sculpt your body and help achieve the look you desire. Liposuction is simply the contouring and removal of unwanted fat cells.

Dr. Applebaum performs a technique that uses small cannulas, or tubes that deliver or remove fluid, and tumescent fluid, which aides in the removal of fat cells. This technique produces far superior results than other methods that use laser or ultrasound.

Many liposuction techniques require the use of general anesthesia, sedatives or narcotics. The technique that Dr. Applebaum employes eliminates the need for that. Recovery is also quicker and less painful than other liposuction methods available.

Very small, cosmetically placed incisions are made during the procedure. With this technique, there is less than 2 weeks of bruising so patients can quickly recover.

Many ask about how many inches they will lose once the procedure is completed and their body has healed. The results of the liposuction procedure are not measured by how many inches are lost, but in how clothing fits on your new body!

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Dr. Robert Applebaum is a Plastic Surgeon who has been practicing for twenty years and been in Beverly Hills since 1995. He is an innovator in the field of laser surgery for plastic surgery
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Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery Expert Dr. Robert Applebaum is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who performs the following procedures: Liposuction, Facelift, Mini Facelift, Neck Lift, Botox, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants and Reduction, Tummy Tuck, and more.

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