Breast Reduction Beverly Hills

Breast Reduction Beverly Hills


Breast Reduction surgery is one of the most successful surgeries performed by plastic surgeons in terms of results and patient satisfaction outcomes.

Dr. Applebaum spends quality consultation time with each patient to determine the physical and emotional desires the patient is seeking to fulfill by undergoing a Breast Reduction.

In most cases, women with heavy, pendulous breasts complain of neck and back pain along with bra strap irritation and furrows on their shoulders. Large and heavy breasts also restrict many types of activities that involve exercise and lifting.  Many women also suffer from skin irritation under the breast folds and emotional discomfort.

Dr. Applebaum uses a limited incision French technique for Breast Reduction surgery that creates a very natural result with a longstanding youthful shape.  Shape is very important as the breast ages and Dr. Applebaum patients who have had the French technique reduction  maintain a very youthful shape.    Many patients refer to this technique as the lolly pop breast reduction because of the incision pattern.  In contrast, the more commonly used inverted anchor incision pattern creates a bottoming out of the tissue over time and has more visible scarring.

Dr. Applebaum’s technique does not involve the use of drains and the patient is placed in a simple post-op bra after the procedure. Breast Reduction surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis in Dr. Applebaum’s private surgery center inside his office, with no overnight hospital stay required, and there are no indications for blood transfusion with this surgery. Most patients’ recover quickly and return to work in 7- 10 days.

Dr. Applebaum will submit the necessary information to determine if insurance coverage can be obtained for this surgery. The main criteria used include the amount of estimated grams of tissue the surgeon anticipates removing, along with the height and weight of the patient. In addition some insurance carriers look for a history of physical therapy for neck and back pain. Dr. Applebaum prepares a pre-authorization letter along with photographs for each patient, and the insurance company usually responds within a thirty-day period.


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