Our Surgery Center

Four Thirty Six Aesthetic Surgery Center

Dr. Applebaum created the Four Thirty Six Aesthetic Surgery Center in 1996 to perform safe, outpatient plastic surgery procedures in a private, office-based setting. The Surgery Center is attached to Dr. Applebaum’s Beverly Hills office and has all of the amenities of a state of the art surgical center. Further, it is fully accredited by AAAHC, the leader in ambulatory health care accreditation. Dr. Applebaum maintains his surgical team of nurses and anesthesia providers to ensure that each patient has a safe and comfortable experience.

Since its inception, the Four Thirty Six Aesthetic Surgery Center has facilitated the highest quality of outpatient surgical care with the utmost level of ease, discretion and convenience for Dr. Applebaum's patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Four Thirty Six Aesthetic Surgery Center have all of the safety features of a hospital operating room?
Yes. The surgery center is equipped with the same anesthesia, surgical equipment and back up power supply that are found in a hospital setting.

What are the advantages of having surgery in an outpatient office based surgery center as compared to having surgery at a major medical center?
For the past twenty years, plastic surgery procedures performed in an outpatient surgical center have been shown to be as safe as in a hospital setting, with the additional advantages of privacy and comfort for the patient. In addition, surgical centers such as Dr. Applebaum’s facility perform only plastic surgery procedures with clean surgical cases, which is very different than a hospital operating room environment where infection rates tend to be much higher.

Does the Four Thirty Six Aesthetic Surgery Center use Board Certified Anesthesia Physicians or Nurse RN Anesthesia providers?
Dr. Applebaum only uses physician Anesthesia Providers who are Board Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiologists.

What Our Patients Say

"I felt very comfortable with Dr. Applebaum and his surgery staff especially the great nurses who never left my side. I loved the warm blankets and great care."

— T.S., breast surgery patient.

"I cannot say enough nice things about my experience at the Four Thirty Six Aesthetic Surgery Center. I like the private setting and the surgical staff was wonderful."

— G.S., Facelift patient

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