Beverly Hills Liposculpture (Liposuction)

For over twenty five years, Dr. Applebaum has performed liposuction with remarkable results. Dr. Applebaum has mastered a body sculpting technique that contours and removes unwanted fat cells using small cannulas and the tumescent fluid technique. His technique provides the highest standard of care and superior results over other methods that use laser or ultrasound. Because the liposuction procedure is performed through small, cosmetically placed incisions, there will be little to no signs of the surgery once recovery is complete. The initial recovery time after Dr. Applebaum's liposuction procedure involves less than two weeks of bruising with limited time off from work or exercise. To add another level of results, Dr. Applebaum performs liposuction along with a skin tightening procedure to correct back rolls with bra fat, tighten muffin tops and loose abdominal skin. The RFAL or Body Tite skin tightening procedure added to a liposuction procedure can improve the outcomes in areas where traditional liposuction cannot tighten skin.

Liposuction can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures such as breast or facial surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does the Body Tite radio frequency technology tighten skin and improve the outcomes for liposuction in the back, flanks and abdomen?
Body Tite works by tightening the network of tissue just under the skin that loses laxity with age. The radiofrequency energy visibly tightens the tissue and liposuction removes the fat creating much improved results in areas where skin tightening is needed.

 What are the innovations that have improved liposuction results in the last twenty years?
The infiltration of tumescent fluid prior to fat removal and the use of small cannulas have been the main stay of improved liposuction results. Dr. Applebaum uses small cannulas to sculpt and contour areas of fat with the tumescent technique to obtain his artistic results.

 Do lasers or ultrasound add any benefit to the liposuction procedure results?
To date there are no studies that demonstrate any benefits of laser or ultrasound to obtaining superior results over Dr. Applebaum's tumescent technique with small sculpting cannulas. There have been many claims by device companies that laser or ultrasound improve recovery time and results; however, none of these claims has ever been substantiated.

 How many inches can one expect to lose after a liposuction procedure?
Liposuction results are measured in improvement in body contour such as better fitting clothes or a decrease in dress size and not in absolute loss of inches.

What Our Patients Say

"Since my teens I lived with saddle bag pockets on my thighs that I always disguised in clothes. After interviewing several plastic surgeons I had liposuction with Dr. Applebaum and now for the first time that I can remember my legs are beautiful and I am proud to show them off."

— C.E. 32-year-old female television writer.

"I work out and exercise several times a week, but I could not get rid of those stubborn love handles. Dr. Applebaum sculpted away those love handles and my body looks like it did in high school and college with amazing results."

— T.M. a 35-year-old male who is a finance manager.

"In my late forties I struggled with the tummy fat and the onset of the muffin top. How embarrassing,but Dr. Applebaum performed liposuction on in my mid section and miraculously I have a new figure that I never thought would be possible at my age."

— F.Y a 48-year-oldmother of two and a physician.

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