Breast Implant Revision

Breast Implant Revision of Beverly Hills

Dr. Applebaum has an expertise in secondary breast implant surgery for patients who desire changes in size, have a cosmetic deformity, require removal of hardness( encapsulation) or have implant malposition issues. With secondary breast implant surgery, it is imperative to work with an expert in the field who can give you an accurate diagnosis of your current problem and develop a well-thought-out surgical plan prior to your revision implant operation. In minor cases, a patient may need a revision after a previous surgery where there was an undesired outcome that requires secondary surgery. In complex cases, Dr. Applebaum will use his uncompromising skill set to develop creative solutions that may involve developing new implant pockets with reconstructive techniques to obtain desired results in these difficult cases.

The recovery time after secondary surgery is often less lengthy than after the original surgery. In many cases, Dr. Applebaum can perform secondary surgery using the same breast incisions to minimize scarring and reduce recovery times.

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