Nipple Procedures

Correction of Nipple Deformities

Common nipple deformities generally fall into two categories: nipple inversion and prominent nipples. Nipple inversion can be seen with any size breast and is due to the retraction of the nipple down into the areola with absence of identifiable nipple tissue. Most women with inverted nipples developed the inversion during breast development in their teens. Prominent nipples can stem from pregnancy and nursing or one’s natural anatomy. The main problem with prominent nipples is that the condition creates the presence of visible nipples in clothing.

Nipple Inversion

The correction of nipple inversion is performed through a small incision close to the base of the nipple. The fibrous bands holding down the nipple are released and a platform is created under the nipple to support the base of the nipple. The procedure can be performed at the same time as other breast surgeries or as a standalone procedure. In most instances, there is a full correction of the deformity with the maintenance of nipple sensation.

Nipple Prominence

Nipple prominence is due to a large projecting nipple that protrudes through the bra and clothing and is very noticeable. Correction of this deformity is a relatively simple procedure that reduces the prominence and projection of the nipple. If the procedure is being performed alone, it can be completed under local anaesthesia. Healing of the incision line takes 1-2 weeks, with nipple sensation maintained.

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