Teen Breast Reduction

Teen Breast Reduction

There is a growing trend in the past few years with teen women who are making the decision to undergo breast reduction surgery. Dr. Applebaum consults with many young women who want to relieve the physical and emotional effects of very large breasts that are negatively impacting their lives at this stage of life. In Dr. Applebaum’s practice , the procedure outcomes for teens seeking breast reduction demonstrate immediate improvement in their lives with return to school and daily activities in a short period of time.

A number of celebrities including some teen actresses have come forward and publicly stated that breast reduction surgery was the best thing they have ever done. Recently Modern Family teen actress Ariel Winter underwent breast reduction surgery and stated that her procedure had great success with resolution of her neck and back pain and she felt more comfortable with her overall body image.

The consultation for a teen breast reduction with Dr. Applebaum involves both the patient and specific family members present to talk at length about the procedure, the importance of understanding the incision placement, healing curve for surgical scars, future breast feeding options and return to daily activities.

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