Ear Surgery (Ear Pinning or Otoplasty)

Our ears are usually unnoticed — that is, unless they are prominent or protruding. To a child or an adult, protruding ears can be highly undesirable and become a target for unkind comments. The correction of protruding ears is a safe and effective surgery that can refold the ear cartilage to create a more contoured shape.

In children, correction of protruding ears can be done after the ear has completed most of its growth, which occurs after age 6. The majority of corrective ear surgery is performed after age 10 and well into adulthood. Most severe cases can be corrected early (before age 10) to help children avoid the cruel teasing they may encounter in school. As hair trends change to favor shorter cuts, ears become more visible and people have a greater incentive to undergo a corrective ear procedure.

The techniques used in correcting prominent ears have been refined over the past 40 years, with results now very predictable in terms of final shape and contour. Dr. Applebaum's experience in aesthetic ear surgery dates back to his training with one of the country's most respected aesthetic ear surgeons, Dr. David Furnas, who developed several recognized ear pinning techniques. Dr. Applebaum performs Dr. Furnas’ operation, which yields beautiful results by naturally creating an ear shape that best fits the patient. Dr. Applebaum does not cut out cartilage because in many cases this can leave visible signs that the ear was operated on. Dr. Applebaum's goal is to create the most natural ear for each patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there visible scars or signs that an ear has been pinned back?
All the incisions are placed well behind the ear in the fold, with no other visible signs that surgery has been performed.

What is the recovery time for corrective ear surgery, and is it painful?
The ear pinning procedure creates significant swelling in the ears for about 7-10 days. A light headband is worn to protect the ears while sleeping for the first week. In terms of pain, most patients have discomfort that requires some pain relief for the first 3 or 4 days. After that time, an occasional Tylenol will suffice.

What Our Patients Say

"I was very self-conscious about my ears and would never wear my hair up in an effort to hide my very prominent ears. Dr. Applebaum created two beautiful contoured ears that have given me a new outlook on life. I now wear my hair up several times a week and my friends love my new look."

— D. B. 28 years old.

"I waited almost 20 years to improve the appearance of my ears and I felt totally confident that Dr. Applebaum would give me the ears I should have been born with. This surgery really changed my confidence and I could not be happier."

— W.K. 45-year-old accountant.

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