Beverly Hills Eyelid and Forehead Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Eyelid and Forehead Facial Rejuvenation Beverly Hills

New techniques in eyelid and brow surgery can create longer-lasting, more natural results with less invasive procedures. In some cases, it is combined with eyelid and forehead procedures to obtain an optimal outcome and improve the surface appearance of facial skin. In addition, a laser can be used to tighten and restore skin to a more youthful appearance.

Upper Eyelidd

Often it is the upper eyelids that appear heavy, showing early signs of aging and giving the appearance of tiredness and concern. Upper eyelid surgery is one of the most common and effective facial rejuvenation procedures for addressing these common problems. Dr. Applebaum’s goal is to preserve the natural look of your eyelid while creating a more rested and rejuvenated result. A well-hidden incision is placed in the crease of the eyelid, and excess skin is removed with the lift.

Eyelid surgery can be combined with laser skin resurfacing to improve crows feet and the lines around the eyes. In some cases, lifting the corner of the brow in combination with upper eyelid surgery will enhance the result significantly. The upper eyelid procedure is typically very tolerable, with minimal swelling and a quick recovery time.

During your consultation, Dr. Applebaum will directly demonstrate how surgery can tighten your eyelids and help you achieve a more youthful appearance.

Lower Eyelid

As we age, our lower eyelids are often plagued with visible bags under the lids that give the appearance of fatigue even after a good night’s sleep or a restful vacation. Luckily, there is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive procedure that can correct this issue with a short recovery time. With lower eyelid rejuvenation, incisions are made behind the lower eyelid so there are no visible scars on the skin. The “bags," which are actually bulging fat pockets, are gently reduced to re-contour the lower eyelid. Dr. Applebaum uses the Dot laser, which tightens and firms the lower eyelid skin and has the added benefit of removing sun damage. Many patients elect to have the Dot laser treatment performed on their entire face to refresh their skin and also remove sun damage and aging changes.

Forehead Rejuvenation

The forehead and brow areas can be rejuvenated with laser skin resurfacing, surgery, or a combination of both. The Dot C02 laser is commonly used to reduce sun-damaged skin while softening the frown and transverse lines of the forehead. For deeper frown lines, a highly accurate endoscopic procedure is used to directly trim and weaken the frown muscles between the eyebrows. This method offers a more permanent solution than injectable alternatives such as. The eyebrow itself can also be elevated to bring back a more youthful arch. In many instances, the tail or corner of the outer brow is lifted along with upper eyelid surgery to rejuvenate eyes that appear tired all the time. Dr. Applebaum has been using facial endoscopic surgery techniques for many years and has mastered a personal technique for brow surgery that creates a long-lasting, natural appearance of the outer eyelid and brow.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to consider these procedures?
Dr. Applebaum believes that if the procedure is done in the early stages of aging, the change will be radically less noticeable and will be enjoyed for many years to come. For those patients who decide to undergo a rejuvenation surgery later in life, additional procedures such as brow lifting may be needed to give a more youthful result.

Will insurance cover an eyelid procedure?
Insurance will cover an upper eyelid procedure in some cases, such as when a visual field is diminished because of the heaviness of the eyelid. However, this varies on a case-by-case basis and should be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Applebaum.

How can I ensure that my eyelid surgery result will look natural and not overdone?
Dr. Applebaum combines his artistic judgment with surgical expertise to create a result that balances naturally with the rest of your face. There is a tendency for patients to want all excess skin removed from an eyelid, which can create an over-operated look. In many cases, Dr. Applebaum will recommend a temporal brow lift in combination with the upper eyelift because this results in the most natural, rejuvenated appearance.

How long is the recovery time for upper and lower eyelid surgery?
Upper eyelid surgery alone requires less than one week of recovery time before it is feasible to return to work. If upper and lower eyelid procedures are performed together, at least one full week is necessary. Minor, hardly noticeable swelling continues for 3 to 4 months, after which time you'll see and enjoy the final result.

Can liposuction be used to remove lower eyelid fat bags?
Lower eyelid fat removal is a delicate and precise procedure that requires direct fat removal. Liposuction cannot be used to remove these pockets of fat.

Where are the incisions placed in endoscopic brow surgery, and will I be able to wear my hair back with no visible scars?
The incisions for endoscopic brow surgery are 1-2 inches behind the hairline, above the ear in the temporal region. These incisions are placed at an angle, and usually heal well with a small scar. For frown line treatment between the eyes, additional incisions are placed in the scalp behind the hairline. Both of these scars are inconspicuous and neither should alter the way you wear your hair.

What Our Patients Say

"I was tired of going into work after a good night's sleep and having people comment that I looked tired. Dr. Applebaum's performed the lower eyelid fat removal with laser to tighten the skin, and I can tell you that I'm a new man—and a very rested-looking guy when I come to work."

— J.D., a 28-year-old stockbroker who had classic lower eyelid fat, removed without any skin incisions.

"Dr. Applebaum took away the deep furrow between my eyebrows that over time made me look older and always worried. The brow surgery took away the deep furrow and my eyelids look younger and more rested. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my results."

— N.C., a 58-year-old travel agent who had deep animation furrows between her brows that responded beautifully to a muscle weakening brow procedure along with an upper eyelift.

"I could tell it was time to deal with my upper eyelids when my mascara was getting harder and harder to apply. Now I have to thank Dr. Applebaum for my new upper lids. (On one hand it's great, but I can't stop buying all this new eye makeup because my eyes look so fabulous!)"

— F.M., a 46-year-old personnel director who had always disliked her heavy looking eyelids, which aged her as she entered her mid-forties. She underwent a simple upper eyelid lift that opened up the eyelid fold and gave her the refreshed look she had always desired.

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