Beverly Hills Face Tite Surgery

Beverly Hills Face Tite Surgery - The No Scalpels or Scars Face and Neck Lift

Obtain surgery like results that are natural without a pulled or “over done look” that creates a youthful and refreshed appearance. Sun Damaged skin, wrinkles and loose skin on your face and neck are rejuvenated to a level of visible improvement, but do not have that unnatural over tight result.

Today many patients are interested in a nonsurgical or minimally invasive procedure to rejuvenate aging changes on their face and neck. Dr. Applebaum has developed The No Scalpel, No Scars Face Tite procedure to tighten skin nonsurgically based on FDA approved new radiofrequency technology that has minimal downtime and no postoperative pain.

Radiofrequency technology has evolved over the last few years to the point where results demonstrate clinically proven measurable skin tightening in the range of 30 to 40 percent. This tightening technology translates into facelift like results, but with a very natural appearance. Up until now this level of clinical skin tightening has not been obtainable, but Dr. Applebaum using this newly approved FDA game changing technology can deliver results for those patients who desire a nonsurgical approach without scars and extended recovery time.

According to Dr. Applebaum, “patients who have undergone The No Scalpel, No Scars Face Tite procedure have been very pleased with the level of skin tightening and skin rejuvenation results”. Results generally take 6 weeks before seeing the early skin tightening effects and final results are seen at 6-8 months resulting from the deeper layers of collagen and elastin rejuvenation. Added benefits from the treatment include visible reduction of skin discoloration and brown spots from aging sun damaged skin .

Recovery time:

Unlike a surgical procedure, The No Scalpel, No Scars Face Tite procedure does not have any postoperative pain or discomfort after the procedure and patients do not take any pain medication. Swelling is present for 4-6 days with minor skin discoloration and make up can be used after 4-5 days and patients will return to work in 7 days. There is no sun sensitivity following the procedure and patients can resume exercise after 3-4 days.

How to determine if you are a candidate for The No Scalpel, No Scars Face Tite procedure:

This FDA approved radiofrequency Technology can be used on all skin types with no issues treating darker pigmented patients. Unlike many laser treatments this radio-frequency treatment is color blind and can be performed on dark skin individuals without any pigment post treatment side effects.
If you believe you have skin laxity from aging in the face, jowl or neck areas The No Scalpel, No Scars Face Tite procedure will deliver a level of visible improvement. During the consultation process with Dr. Applebaum he will demonstrate levels of improvement for each patient to determine if their expectations will be met with this procedure. Expectations are an important part of any discussion when considering any cosmetic procedure.

Patients with medical issues can undergo this minimally invasive procedure because it is performed under twilight anesthesia.


F.S. 65 y.o female
The No Scalpel No Scar Face Tite procedure reduced significantly my jowls and tightened my skin with very natural results without having to undergo a surgical procedure. I would recommend this procedure to any of my friends who are looking for a natural rejuvenation with visible results who are looking for non surgical options.

K.D. 55 y.o female
For years I have had sun damaged skin with large pores on my cheeks and started to see the loose skin on my neck and lower face. I am three months out from my Face Tite procedure and the results have gone beyond my expectations. My skin is smoother with smaller pores and the skin on my face and neck has been tightened in a very natural fashion.

R.P. 63 y.o. female
I could not be more pleased with my results from the Face Tite procedure. For me at this point in my life I did not want an unnatural result from a facelift, but I wanted to look more rested and rejuvenated. My results are very natural and I could not be more pleased with my tightened face and neck skin.

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