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Ways to Fade and Treat Your Tummy Tuck Scar

Are you interested in getting a tummy tuck but are afraid of dealing with an unsightly scar afterward? Don’t let this fear stop you from taking the necessary steps to get your confidence back. Scars used to be untreatable, but not anymore! There are so many different ways that you can fade and treat your tummy tuck scar so that you can feel 100 percent confident in everything you wear. Read on to learn more about this life-changing procedure and how it can benefit you. 

What Is a Tummy Tuck?

Getting an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a great way to transform your figure and boost your confidence. This surgical procedure involves removing excess fat and skin around your midsection and tightening separated or weakened abdominal muscles. Depending on the amount of fat and skin that needs to be removed, there are three different surgical options to consider:

  • Partial abdominoplasty: This option involves removing a small amount of excess fat and skin below the belly button. The procedure is less invasive, the scar is smaller, and the belly button does not need to be repositioned.
  • Complete abdominoplasty: This option involves removing larger amounts of excess fat and skin around the lower abdomen. Typically done after pregnancy and childbirth, this procedure involves an incision above the pubic area that spans from one hip to the other. The procedure may also involve the use of liposuction and repositioning the belly button to achieve the best results.
  • Circumferential abdominoplasty: This option involves removing large amounts of fat around the lower abdomen and the lower back. Typically done after major weight loss, this procedure involves a large incision around the entire body to remove all excess tissue. 

The best way to determine which tummy tuck option is best for you is to consult with a plastic surgeon — but not just any plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons should be board-certified with extensive experience and education in the field. Dr. Applebaum has been practicing for almost 30 years, so he definitely fits the bill! 

Recovery After a Tummy Tuck

A lot of people are interested in getting a tummy tuck but are concerned about recovery. As a tummy tuck is a legitimate surgical procedure, there is a period of recovery in which you need to rest and heal. But what exactly does that entail? 

Many people will be able to go home a few hours after their procedure, while others may need to stay the night, depending on the extent of the procedure. You will need to take medications such as painkillers, antibiotics, and anticoagulants after the procedure. Drains will be placed after the procedure and will need to be maintained for the first few days until they are removed by your surgeon. You will also need to wear an abdominal binder to support the incision area and reduce swelling. 

Based on this information, you will need someone to assist you with daily tasks for at least the first few days after surgery. Within a few weeks, you should be feeling a lot better and be able to do many things on your own. After about six weeks and with the clearance of your doctor, you can resume physical activity and get fully back to normal. 

Recovery after a tummy tuck can be difficult, but with the right surgeon and support system, you can get through the process and start feeling better within a few weeks. 

Does a Tummy Tuck Cause Scarring?

Once you’re feeling better after your tummy tuck, you may be concerned with an effect of your surgery that doesn’t go away as quickly — the scar. Any kind of tummy tuck will involve an incision, and therefore, a scar. That being said, the size and severity of that scar will depend on various factors. 

For example, the type of tummy tuck will influence the size of the scar — with a partial abdominoplasty leaving you with a smaller scar. The skill of the surgeon will also influence the appearance of your scar, so be sure to go with a skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Applebaum

Ways to Fade and Treat Your Tummy Tuck Scar

Even though there’s no real way to avoid scarring after a tummy tuck surgery, there’s no need to panic. There are several different ways that you can actually fade and treat the scar resulting from your tummy tuck surgery, including:

  • Protecting the scarred area from the sun by limiting unnecessary sun exposure. Apply adequate sun protection (broad-spectrum SPF) for any periods of sun exposure — no matter how short.
  • Applying topical vitamin E oil to the scar to improve its overall appearance. Use 100 percent pure vitamin E oil at least once per day for the first couple of months post-op.
  • Using topical silicone products such as bandages and gels to minimize swelling and redness after the procedure. There are even silicone surgical dressings that can be used to prevent major scarring.
  • Trying steroid injections in the scarred area helps break down scar tissue to reduce redness and swelling. These injections can be given in advance to help prevent scarring or after the procedure to treat scarring.
  • Undergoing laser resurfacing treatments to improve the texture and color of the scar. This procedure uses lasers to target the scarred areas and allow new and healthy skin cells to develop in the area. You may require multiple laser treatments to achieve desired results. 

Final Thoughts

Fear of a scar shouldn’t keep you from getting a tummy tuck. The confidence that you gain as a result will be well worth it. Plus, there are several ways that you can treat your scar and finally rock that bikini with no reservations. The right surgeon will be able to give you the best results with minimal scarring, so contact Dr. Applebaum for a tummy tuck consultation today. 


Medically reviewed by Dr. Robert Applebaum

Dr. Robert Applebaum is a world renowned and highly respected Plastic Surgeon who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In his nearly 30 years as a practicing physician, Dr. Applebaum has become known as an innovator in the field of laser technology techniques for plastic surgery procedures. He has published numerous articles and scientific papers about the use of laser technology and educates physicians worldwide on the applications of laser technology for plastic surgery. Dr. Applebaum primarily practices out of his private outpatient surgery center, Four Thirty Six Aesthetic Surgery Center, which is located in Beverly Hills.


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