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Ear Surgery

Dr. Applebaum

Beverly Hills

Ear Surgery

Dr. Applebaum

      Dr. Applebaum's
      Before and after Ear Surgery

      Ear Pinning Surgery with Dr. Applebaum reduces the appearance of prominent ears with a state of the art technique that leaves virtually no visible incisions behind.

      Why Dr. Applebaum?

      Patient care, trust and your satisfaction with good outcomes are my upmost concern.

      Ear Pinning (Otoplasty)

      Dr. Applebaum performs ear pinning surgery, or otoplasty, using the techniques he learned while studying with Dr. David Furnas. These techniques use sutures to reduce the size and depth of the concha, or central part of the ear. Unlike older techniques, which change the shape and protrusion of the ear by cutting out cartilage, this procedure leaves behind no obvious visible sign that the ear has been operated on. All of the incisions for the Dr. Applebaum’s otoplasty techniques are performed from a small incision behind the ear in the crease which is very difficult to identify.  The result is a natural ear shape that suits the size and shape of the patient’s head.  Dr. Applebaum focuses on creating the most natural ear for each patient with little to no visible scarring.

      Dr. Applebaum also performs these other  ear procedures:

      • Ear lobe repair from earring pull through or trauma.
      • Ear reconstruction after trauma or cancer excision.
      • Ear reshaping

      When should I consider a Otoplasty?

      Most people don’t give the appearance of their ears a second thought, but if you are someone who was born with prominent or protruding ears, you probably spend more time thinking about your ears than you’d care to admit. Both children and adults often suffer from shame and embarrassment about the size and shape of their prominent ears, which can be a target for cruel comments. Otoplasty, or ear pinning surgery, offers people with prominent or protruding ears a safe and effective way to reshape the ears and reduce their profile. Dr. Applebaum has performed countless ear pinning surgeries since training under Dr. David Furnas, a renowned surgeon who developed several of the most common ear pinning techniques used today. Dr. Applebaum can create a beautiful result that naturally fits each patient’s appearance, all without cutting cartilage that can leave signs that an operation was performed.



      I was very self-conscious about my ears and would never wear my hair up in an effort to hide my very prominent ears. Dr. Applebaum created two beautiful contoured ears that have given me a new outlook on life. I now wear my hair up several times a week and my friends love my new look.




      All the incisions are placed well behind the ear in the fold, with no other visible signs that surgery has been performed.

      The ear pinning procedure creates significant swelling in the ears for about 7-10 days. A light headband is worn to protect the ears while sleeping for the first week. In terms of pain, most patients have discomfort that requires some pain relief for the first 3 or 4 days. After that time, an occasional Tylenol will suffice.

      Dr. Applebaum performs the Furnas Otoplasty technique and gently recreates the natural ear crease using permanent sutures placed behind the ear.   This technique does not cut or remove any cartilage and will not lead to a“done” appearance of your ears.

      Dr. Applebaums otoplasty procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or light sedatio  General anesthesia is not necessary for this procedure.