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Breast Reduction Surgery

Dr. Applebaum

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Breast Reduction Surgery

Dr. Applebaum


      Eliminate Chronic Neck & Back Pain

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      Before and after Breast Reduction

      Why Dr. Applebaum?

      Patient care, trust and your satisfaction with good outcomes are my most concern.

      Dr. Applebaum has performed breast reductions for almost thirty years during his career and specializes in minimally invasive techniques such as the French Vertical Mammoplasty, or “lollipop” breast reduction technique. 

      Why Consider Breast Reduction

      Women with large, pendulous breasts experience physical and emotional issues including neck, shoulder and back pain, poor self-esteem and a lifetime of physical discomfort.

      Back and Neck Pain

      Women with excessively large breast develop both back and neck pain. The weight strain causes physical discomfort.

      Deep Shoulder Grooves

      Bra shoulder straps bear the bulk of the weight of the breast, and they would create uncomfortable grooves.

      Skin Irritation

      Skin irritation is often caused by overly large breast, which is caused by skin folds rubbing against each other.



      I was very nervous when I went in for a breast reduction. I have a history of back problems and my breasts have caused scars from my bras; just trying to hold them up. I found Dr. Applebaum through some friends and a deep web search. When I looked at his before and after pictures I noticed that he’s work is amazing!



           A breast reduction procedure will significantly reduce the symptoms of  chronic neck and back pain, bra strap grooving and the feeling of heaviness on your chest throughout the day all due to heavy large breasts.  Activities of daily living will become easier after a breast reduction due to the elimination of the above symptoms.

          Your final breast size is determined to some degree on your pre operative breast size.  It is very difficult to go from very large sizes such as a “G” bra cup to a “B” cup.  Your surgeon during the consultation will be able to discuss realistic expectations to each patient regarding final post operative breast size.

          Breast reductions are considered a functional surgery and must meet certain criteria to be covered by insurance.   Most PPO insurance requires pre authorization from your surgeon’s office, which includes clinical information and photos.  Our office will submit the information to obtain pre-authorization.

      There  are options for the surgeon in performing a breast reduction procedure that include choosing the incision pattern and how the nipple pedicle is designed.  There are just two commonly used  options that include the anchor and the lollipop incisions.    The options for the nipple pedicle include the inferior, superior and medial pedicles.  Dr. Applebaum will discuss his preferences that will create a nicely shaped smaller breast. 

          Dr. Applebaum has a private accredited office based surgery center with anesthesia and nursing staff that are part of Dr. Applebaum’s health care team.  The breast reduction procedure is an outpatient procedure and you will go home in the afternoon after your procedure.  

          Drains are not used in most breast reduction cases.   In some instances drains are needed, however they are usually removed after the second post-operative day.  

      We Welcome Insurance Patients

      Dr.Applebaum accepts most PPO insurances. We know insurance can be complicated, and we will help you understand your insurance benefits. If you qualify for breast reduction surgery, it can be performed at little or no direct cost to you.

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