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Eyelid and Forehead Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Dr. Applebaum

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Eyelid and Forehead Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Dr. Applebaum

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      Before and after Eyelid and Forehead Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

      Dr. Applebaum’s philosophy is to rejuvenate the upper and lower eyelids with a natural look using advanced techniques to also maintain the natural shape of the eyes. Excessive baggy skin and prominent fat is addressed to establish a rested more youthful look to the eyes and forehead areas.

      Why Dr. Applebaum?

      Patient care, trust and your satisfaction with good outcomes are my upmost concern.

      Upper Eyelid

      The upper eyelids are one of the first places on the face that show aging, as excess skin creates bulk that gives an appearance of being tired, worried, or angry. Dr. Applebaum is able to correct this common issue with upper eyelid rejuvenation surgery, in which a small, easily hidden incision is placed in the crease of the eyelid. Through this incision, Dr. Applebaum is able to remove excess skin while giving the eyelid a naturally lifted, rested, and rejuvenated appearance. Many patients who receive upper eyelid rejuvenation surgery also request treatment for crow’s feet and other fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, which can be accomplished through laser skin resurfacing. Patients with considerable amounts of excess skin or wrinkling may also benefit from a forehead lift in combination with upper eyelid rejuvenation surgery, as the two procedures provide exceptional results when combined. 

      Lower Eyelid

      If you find yourself waking up each morning with bags under your eyes no matter how much you’ve slept the night before, you may benefit from lower eyelid surgery. The “bags” so many people have under their eyes are actually bulging pockets of fat that can be easily removed by a skilled surgeon like Dr. Applebaum. Dr. Applebaum performs lower eyelid surgery by making small incisions behind the lower eyelids to remove the pockets of fat, leaving no visible scars on the skin. The lower eyelid is recontoured using the Dot laser, which tightens and firms the lower eyelid skin while removing sun damage. Patients with sun damage often request that Dr. Applebaum perform Dot laser treatment on their entire face in order to provide a refreshed, youthful appearance and remove sun damage and other changes to the skin caused by aging.

      Forehead Rejuvenation

      Forehead rejuvenation, sometimes called a brow lift, can take years off of your face by lifting droopy brows off of your eyelids and softening the appearance of frown lines and forehead wrinkles. Dr. Applebaum performs forehead rejuvenation surgery using laser skin resurfacing, surgery, or a combination of both, depending on the patient’s individual needs and goals. Patients with mild to moderate wrinkles and sun damage often benefit from treatment with the Dot CO2 laser, which can be used to reduce sun-damaged skin and soften the appearance of lines in the forehead. People with deeper frown lines may benefit more from an endoscopic or coronal brow procedure that trims and weakens the frown muscles between the eyebrows, offering a more permanent solution than Botox. To lift the brows, Dr. Applebaum uses a personal technique using either facial endoscopy or a coronal lift that gives the brows a youthful arch and a long-lasting, natural result.


      When should I consider a Eyelid and Forehead Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

      If you are hoping to look and feel your best and turn the clock back on aging, facelifts are not your only option. Eyelid and forehead facial rejuvenation surgery can enhance your appearance in a natural, graceful way that brightens up your entire face. The eyes are one of the first areas of the face to show signs of age, and excess skin, bags, and wrinkles can give your face a tired or sad appearance as early as your 40s or 50s. The forehead and brows often play a role, with heavy, droopy brows placing additional weight on the eyes. Dr. Applebaum has been performing facial rejuvenation procedures for nearly 30 years and takes an individualized approach to each patient when determining a treatment plan during consultation. In many cases, people benefit from both an eyelid and forehead rejuvenation, but some patients require only one procedure or the other. Regardless of the treatment option that is best suited to your anatomy and aesthetic goals, Dr. Applebaum prides himself on delivering the most natural results that help you look like the best version of yourself.



      Dr. Applebaum took away the deep furrow between my eyebrows that over time made me look older and always worried. The brow surgery took away the deep furrow and my eyelids look younger and more rested. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my results.



      Eyelid and Forehead Facial Rejuvenation Surgery FAQ

      Every patient is different, and there is no correct answer to when the right time is to consider eyelid and forehead facial rejuvenation surgery. No person is too old or too young to have facial rejuvenation surgery, but the results a patient can expect and the type of surgery that will be needed in order to achieve the best results does change as patients age. Dr. Applebaum recommends that patients consider these procedures during the early stages of aging, as the results are less noticeable and can be enjoyed for a longer period of time. Procedures performed during the early stages of aging may be less invasive and provide a more natural result, while undergoing eyelid and forehead facial rejuvenation surgery later in life will require more procedures in order to receive the desired result.

      Some patients may have their upper eyelid procedure covered by their health insurance in certain circumstances, such as when a patient’s field of vision is diminished due to the heaviness and drooping of the eyelid. Dr. Applebaum will discuss this possibility with you during your consultation, and his office will submit any required paperwork for pre-qualification to your insurance company as needed.

      The best way to ensure that your eyelid surgery result will look natural and not overdone is to trust Dr. Applebaum’s judgement about what will work best for your unique anatomy. Many patients want to remove all of the excess skin from their eyelids, but this has a tendency to create an overdone look. Dr. Applebaum has performed thousands of facial rejuvenation surgeries over nearly thirty years and combines his artistic judgement with surgical expertise to create the most natural look possible. In many cases, patients benefit from a temporal brow lift in combination with upper eyelid surgery in order to deliver a rejuvenated appearance that also looks natural.

      Upper and lower eyelid surgeries have relatively short recoveries that allow you to get back to your life quickly. When done alone, upper and lower eyelid surgery require less than a week or recovery before patients can return to work and daily activities. If upper and lower eyelid procedures are combined, most patients will need at least one full week of recovery. Very minor swelling will continue to three to four months, but it will barely be noticeable. After this time, you’ll experience the beautiful final result.

      Liposuction cannot be used to remove lower eyelid fat bags due to the precision required to successfully perform this delicate procedure.  A very precise lower eyelid blepharoplasty can remove the bags with high success.

      Dr. Applebaum places the incisions for endoscopic brow surgery one to two inches behind the hairline and above the ear in the temporal region. The incisions are made at an angle and leave a small scar that is usually not noticeable and will not impact how you wear your hair. Surgery for the treatment of frown lines requires the placement of incisions in the scalp behind the hairline and also does not impact hair styling. Once healed, you won’t be able to notice these tiny scars, and neither will anyone else.