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      Are you ready to stop covering your arms and start wearing your favorite sleeveless tops again? Contour and firm up your upper arms with a Brachioplasty procedure that removes fat and sagging skin.



      Why Dr. Applebaum?

      Patient care, trust and your satisfaction with good outcomes are my upmost concern.

      As soon as spring and warm weather begins women love to dress sleeveless.     As we age our arms start to show skin laxity and sagging along with loss of muscle contour.   Genetics, diet and level of fitness all play a role on how our arms age as well.   Dr. Applebaum has been performing the Beverly Hills Arm Tuck also known as a brachioplasty for almost thirty years on men and women who have loose skin from weight loss, aging or just loss of  skin elasticity in the upper arm area.   Exercise and muscle toning can lead to a good foundation, but with the presence of loose excess skin  a surgical procedure must be used to obtain a contoured and reshaped appearance.    In some cases of younger patients and early aging,  liposuction in combination with a Body Tite radiofrequency procedure can contour arms  where there is mostly fat along with a small amount of skin laxity.   You will often read about  a short scar or mini-tuck arm lift as a potential solution, however there are no magic wands that will lead to long-standing visible results when you pinch a small amount of skin at one end of the arm and expect  it to tighten a large surface area.  

      During a consultation Dr. Applebaum can demonstrate how a brachioplasty procedure is performed, how much improvement you can expect and where the final scar would be placed.  In most cases the scar runs from the axillary area on the inside part of the upper arm to the elbow and is well placed with visibility only occurring if your arm is raised straight up.   These scars generally become  difficult to notice once final healing has taken place and the arm lift results are very dramatic.   One of the advantages of an arm lift surgery is that the results are very reliable and have very few risks and complications.   The recovery time is well tolerated and involves wearing a compression garment for 4-6 weeks that can be easily worn under a shirt.



      I am in very good shape and yet my arms continued to age differently than other parts of my body. Dr. Applebaum performed an arm lift to remove the aging skin and now my arms are contoured and they now match the rest of my body. I cannot be more thrilled.

      Bridgett S.


      For the first week the arms remained wrapped with ace wrap or a compression garment keeping the incision dry.   The sutures placed are all  absorbable and will not require removal.  Most patients take some minor amount of narcotic medication for the first few days then transition to Tylenol for pain relief.  Return to driving is at 7-10 days with minor lifting allowed.  Final return to full exercise is at 6-8 weeks depending on the program. 

      The healing curve for scars is a very individual process with some patients healing very quickly and others requiring more time.  On average an arm lift scar will remain visible and red for 3-6 months and the scar will flatten and become hard to see in most people by 6-8 months.

      The arm lift procedure is a very superficial procedure removing mostly skin from the inside area of the arm.  There are some superficial sensory nerves that can cause temporary loss of sensation or a burning sensation that usually resolves within a few months.  Scarring will flatten and become less noticeable over time.  Patients with arm lifts rarely have any permanent problems.

      Patients with skin laxity in the upper arm area after weight loss or aging saggy skin.  Also those patients with some excess fat in the upper arm combined with skin laxity.