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Breast Implant Removal

Dr. Applebaum

Why Dr. Applebaum?

Patient care, trust and your satisfaction with good outcomes are my upmost concern.

Removal of your breast implants is a very personal decision and can result in  potential health benefits with good aesthetic outcomes.

 A patient’s decision to remove their breast implants may be due to one’s desire to change breast size, poor surgical results, multiple breast revision surgeries, painful encapsulation, breast implant illness scares or advancing age with just a desire to have their implants removed.   Whatever the cause or reason for implant removal patients are concerned about what their breasts will look like without implants.   In some situations an immediate breast lift may be necessary to remove sagging skin with a low nipple position.   Dr. Applebaum has been performing breast revision and removal of implants for almost 30 years with successful outcomes in these challenging surgical situations often with drastic changes in breast volumes. 

Removal of breast implants due to BII ( Breast Implant Illness)  with En Bloc Capsulectomy

There are some patients that suffer from BII (Breast Implant Illness) from implantation with saline or silicone breast implants.  The exact cause of BII and the mechanism are unknown and these patients suffer from debilitating health symptoms that are often vague in nature.   The treatment for this condition involves removing both breast implants along with a total capsulectomy using an En Bloc technique.  It is important to remove the entire breast capsule to obtain successful outcomes with the best chance to resolve BII symptoms in connection with breast implants.