Breast Augmentation with Lift

A breast lift with an implant can be one of the most restorative procedures performed for a patient that desires correction of a droopy or aging breast shape. When performed by Dr. Applebaum the breast lift will create a natural perky result with minimal incision lines that over time will be almost invisible. For over fifteen years, Dr. Applebaum has used the French vertical breast lift technique that delivers a long term youthful appearance without the signs of a surgically operated breast result. As with any cosmetic surgery, the less time spent in the operating room, the faster the patient will heal during the recovery process. When combining a breast lift with an implant offers the efficiency in healing and creates a result that fuses the benefits of both procedures.

During the consultation, Dr. Applebaum will evaluate your anatomic profile and create realistic expectations for a breast lift with and without the addition of a breast implant. In some cases the addition of breast volume with an implant can create a more youthful shape without an actual increase in breast size. Dr. Applebaum will provide treatment options that are individualized for each patient with the aesthetic goal of the most natural and youthful shape as an end result for your breasts. Following breast lift surgery most patients report a boost in confidence in wearing everything from exercise clothes to eveningwear.

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