Beverly Hills Facelift Surgery

Beverly Hills Facelift Surgery

Dr. Applebaum with his many years of expertise in performing facial surgery uses sophisticated techniques to improve his patient’s appearance with very natural yet graceful results. He reduces extra skin and sagging tissue gently lifting the face and neck with minimal scars that eventually heal and are invisible to see. A facial procedure performed by Dr. Applebaum will use the combination of surgically advanced techniques along with laser technology to remove years of sun damage, stress and wear and tear to create a younger and more refreshed version of his patients.
Dr. Applebaum will spend significant time during the patient consultation to develop a surgical plan that meets the goals and desires of his patient that will achieve the most natural results.

The Beverly Hills Mini Face Lift

The mini-lift is a very popular procedure that combines the benefits of a natural mid-face lift with laser or radiofrequency energy using limited incisions for an optimal result with reduced recovery. Dr. Applebaum during the consultation process will determine candidacy for the mini lift verses a face and neck lift based on the patients goals and desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what point does one consider facial rejuvenation surgery?
The timing of facial cosmetic surgery is a very personal decision. Factors patients consider before choosing surgery include the desire to correct specific areas of aging, the need to maintain a youthful appearance as part of one’s career, or a general desire to recapture one’s youthful appearance. Many women today subscribe to the accurate belief that having mini procedures performed early on will help them maintain a youthful appearance with a natural look. The Facelift is a common procedure that many women in their late forties start thinking about.

How often does Facelift surgery have to be repeated?
Facelift procedures that address the deeper structures (not just the skin) will have longevity of 10 – 15 years. The eyes, brow and midfacial lifting generally have good longevity in the range of 10-15 years, as well. In certain cases, small ancillary procedures such as structural fat grafting and the placement of fillers are performed to build continuous support for the skin and add to the longevity of the result.

Can laser resurfacing or radiofrequency energy replace a facelift procedure?
Resurfacing of facial skin with a laser or a radiofrequency will improve the appearance of skin by reducing sun damage and fine lines while achieving an element of tightening. However, the skin is not tightened or lifted to a degree that would approach the results of a facelift. In some cases, full face resurfacing is performed at the same time of a facelift to add an element of improvement in the overall results. A facelift directly addresses the excess skin and aging of deeper cheek structures. In most instances, facial laser resurfacing cannot replace a facelift, but both procedures can be combined in specific areas for optimal results.

How can I be sure that my Facelift will look natural and not pulled too tightly?
The plastic surgeon performing the procedure must lift the deeper underlying SMAS (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system-platysma muscle) in combination with the skin to prevent a pulled-tight appearance. Dr. Applebaum has mastered a technique that delivers a natural appearance, well-hidden scars, and facial structures that appear normal and youthful. Dr. Applebaum encourages patients to carefully examine pre- and post-operative photographs of his patients who have undergone facelift surgery, and to speak to some of those patients to hear about there results first-hand.

What Our Patients Say

"I loved the fact that after my Facelift and eyelid procedure people felt I looked better, but they couldn’t put their finger on what I had done because the results were so natural."

— S. H., a 53-year-old housewife and golfer who had mild sun-damaged skin as well as early sagging in the jowl and neck, and wanted the most natural look possible.

"I was amazed at what the combination of laser and Facelifting could do for my aging skin, considering all the years of playing tennis without sun protection."

— P.M., an active housewife and business owner in her mid-fifties, whose significant sun damage and skin laxity made her a great candidate for the combined use of laser and Facelifting.

"My mother always told me to start early with little procedures, and nobody would ever know my beauty secret. She was right! Thanks to Dr. Applebaum and my mini-lift, I look and feel great. And because of the short recovery time, I could tell my friends I was just rested after a vacation, and everybody believed me."

— T.H. a 46-year-old attorney who underwent a mini facelift to treat early aging in her neck and jowl areas.

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