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Facelift Tape: What Is It & How Is It Used?

Have you considered getting a facelift but are not sure if you’re ready to go under the knife? Face tape is an inexpensive and temporary solution that can help you achieve similar results and lift sagging skin. 

What Is Facelift Tape?

If you’re unfamiliar with facelift tape, you’ll likely run across it while scrolling through your social feed sometime soon. It has gained a lot of traction with influencers due to the instant face lifting results. 

Facelift tape is a cosmetic product that is designed to pull the facial skin tight and give a short-term mini-facelift effect. As the name suggests, it is made with tape. 

There are numerous products on the market today, some have strings attached to secure behind the head, and some simply use tape to pull the skin back. The most effective and reputable products seem to be breathable, hypoallergenic, and medical grade. 

Some of the gadgets can look a little sci-fi — so prepare for that. 

Although it’s not the most popular beauty secret, some of its loyal followers say facelift tape has been used for decades by models and other professionals in the entertainment industry. 

When Should I Use Facelift Tape?

Face tape can be a good solution for special events where you want to look your very best. Most facelift tape is meant for one-time use, but the results are immediate. 

It’s not only meant for mature skin. Some influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are known to use them to enhance their profile on camera.

There are numerous occasions where you might want an extra boost of confidence, such as weddings, reunions, and milestone photoshoots. If you’re not quite ready for injectables or surgical options, you can use facelift tape to deliver instant results and “try on” the look to see how you feel about it.

How Should I Use Facelift Tape?

There are a variety of face tapes you can buy online at Amazon or other major retailers. Although they’re meant for one-time use, most of them have many small pieces of tape, so you can get a multitude of uses out of one package. 

Some users wear facelift tape while sleeping to train the face to behave a certain way, while others use it for a special night out or a photoshoot. If you are wearing facelift tape to an event, you’ll need to have your hair styled to help conceal the clear pieces of tape. 

Regardless of the face tape you buy, it should come with instructions and pictures to guide you through placement.

It’s best to use facelift tape on freshly cleaned and exfoliated skin. You can use facial toner or alcohol in specific areas to remove natural oils that would work against the adhesive. 

The most common areas of placement are the temples, behind the ears, and the nape of the neck. 

How Should Facelift Tape Be Applied?

If you have longer hair, you’ll probably want to pull it back into a loose ponytail, so it doesn’t interfere with the placement of the tape. 

That said, placement is key. It’s important to place the face tape in the same areas on both sides so you get a symmetrical effect. You might need to move the facial tape around a few times until you’re happy with the results. 

Facelift Tape With Elastic Bands

Section off the top portion of your hair. With the elastics unhooked, place each end of the tape in the same place on both sides of the face. 

Pull the strings up and out to pull the skin tight and secure together behind the head. Let the top portion of your hair down to cover the elastic bands. 

Facelift Tape Without Elastic Bands

Place one end of the face tape near the upper end of the cheekbone or below the jaw with the face relaxed. Pull the skin tight with your hand and secure the other side of the tape behind the ear or near the neck.

Concealing Face Tape

Once you’re happy with the amount of lift you have in the face, apply your foundation as usual, blending over all the face tape. Using tinted facial powder will help to set everything in place and create a matte finish over the tape.

Ultimately, hairstyling is the best way to conceal the tape around the hairline and neck. 

Is Facelift Tape Worth the Hype?

If you’re curious if facelift tape is worth trying, it depends on your expectations. 

Face tape is a quick way that anyone can enhance their look from home. It’s easy to access, inexpensive, and non-permanent, so you really don’t have much to lose.

Are There Alternatives to Facelift Tape?

If you’re searching for a more permanent solution to sagging jowls or wrinkled skin, there are plenty of quality options you can try.


Taking good care of your skin will not change the appearance right before your eyes, but never underestimate the power of a consistent skincare regimen. Consistency and prevention can go a long way.

Fillers and Injectables

Injectables done right can create a very natural-looking facelift that’s less invasive than traditional surgery. You will see results right away, and they last much longer than taping your face.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

If you want a powerful treatment that’s still minimally invasive, laser skin resurfacing can reduce the visible signs of aging while still offering a short recovery time. 

Lasers have become the preferred method of rejuvenating aged skin, and Dr. Applebaum has years of experience with the procedure. 

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Applebaum to learn more about the anti-aging options available to you.

Bottom Line

Facelift tape is an effective and cheap way to instantly create a lifted appearance on the eyes, cheekbones, lower jaw, and neck.

When you’re ready for a more permanent solution, we can help you decide the best treatment option for you.


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